Customized Calcium Carbonate via Satellite Plant

Dedicated to paper and board, Omya on-site concepts allow us to utilize the manifold attribute of GCC and PCC to manufacture directly on our customer's premises in a satellite plant.

On-site production enables both high quality and cost-efficient processing to supply customized Calcium Carbonate that fulfills all specific needs.

Omya satellite plants produce tailor-made products out of Ground or Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, suitable for both filling and coating applications. Committed to a long-term partnership, our specialists will analyze and provide the best fit for your needs. Our global raw material sourcing ensures a reliable and quality consistent supply.

Benefit from the long-standing experience of a global market leader in Calcium Carbonate processing.

We Understand That Every Case Is Unique

Why Invest in an On-Site Solution

  • The on-site plant is designed, built, owned, and operated by Omya while keeping you concentrated on your core business
  • Get products in the most cost-efficient way, tailored to your needs
  • Reliable and guaranteed long-term supply
  • A short distance from production to consumption
  • Just-on-time product availability
  • Minimized net working capital

Exclusivity or Shared Interests?

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Dedicated production of Calcium Carbonate on the ground at a single customer site. This concept covers the manufacturing of tailor-made products for filling and coating purposes, PCC, GCC, or both, to optimize paper and board products. Such on-site plants are embedded neatly in the customer's production environment. All Omya facilities have the highest levels of modern automation and technology to ensure uniformity and high-quality production.

The On-Site Plant

Ideal concept to supply specific coating or filler pigments to nearby paper and board production sites. Utilizing the near-site concept, customers benefit from optimized logistics and cost-efficient production. The near-site solution fits when there are several customers within a reasonable distance creating preferable economies of scale. The fully automated near-site plant is designed to be expandable, as Calcium Carbonate consumption increases over time.

The Near-Site Plant

Scheme of On-Site Production

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PCC On-Site Plant for
Ittihad Paper Mill in Abu Dhabi

The new PCC satellite plant started production in Q3/2018 and has an initial capacity of 100,000 dry metric tons per year.
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